Production video for Jardin Americano Crema coffee

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Pleasure to feel

Light and harmonious taste, author’s Arabica blend and dense velvety coffee foam are magically intertwined in the roller. They tell an amazing story and immerse you in the world of Jardin Americano Crema. They allow us to observe in detail the unsurpassed aroma and practically feel the delicate taste of freshly brewed coffee.


Undoubtedly, the most spectacular part of the video is shots with «coffee space», inspired by the world’s food style masterpieces. To achieve such an effect without complex equipment, motion control and a high-speed camera, we were able to build a scene with larger grains suspended with complex light and a suspension of small particles in the air. In it, it was possible to «fly» the camera without motion control, and then finalize the resulting unique frames using computer graphics.

For screens with portrait orientation, we have collected a special version of the video.



Art director

Vova Bugay

Creative copywriter

Alena Sobol

Video production


Film director

Olga Ivanenko


Konstantin Ryabkov


Maria Asetskaya,

Daria Kuchinskaya

Food stylist

Daria Karpova

Project manager

Nikita Ustinovich

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