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Healthy lifestyle in the minds of people is strongly associated with activities that take a long time and forces. At the same time, people understand what they will receive benefit. True, for this they will have to strain.

But there is another way to benefit. More pleasant, calm, without unnecessary stress. This path is also called coolant (happy lifestyle). The idea of ​​such a way of life formed the basis of the Princess Java series of tea rollers.


We selected the ideal location with a library, sauna and gym, assembled a dream team and filmed all 4 scenes in just 1.5 shifts. We made editing and color adjustment, prepared voice acting and resizes in the required sizes.

As a result, we managed to reduce the production costs of four full-fledged commercials by several times.

You can see how it was in the backstages from the filming.


Princess Java

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Nikita Ustinovich

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