Promotional video of the team, video business cards of the club’s players and video graphics for the jumbotron of the HC «Dynamo Minsk»

Films & animation
3D visualization

The furious energy and sport power of the team grows stronger and stronger with every match

The hockey club «Dynamo Minsk» is still the only one in the country to play in the KHL. At the same time the club’s hockey players are part of the national team of the Republic of Belarus.

Therefore, all the materials should reflect the strength and sustained will of the team to win.

The players’ strong-willed attitude is reflected in the form of electric charges and lightning.

The energy, generated in each member of the team, gradually crosses the whole body and rapidly gets stronger every minute. In the end, it has no longer enough space within the club and spreads to the entire site, arena and beyond the city. The dynamo transmits an endless supply of energy, which charges fans with faith in their favorite team for the entire season.


Player video cards

When creating the videos dynamic shooting was used which made the video eye-catching and exciting. And thanks to the use of VFX (Visual Effects) we were able to use the charges of lightning and electricity in the most natural way.


Graphics for the jumbotron

It informs about important events of the match and is made in the same visual style.


HC «Dinamo Minsk»

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