The concept and design of 2018 Calendar for NPO Passat


Profound knowledge of the matter

The idea of ​​the calendar is based on the desire to metaphorically show the highest level of specialists of the scientific and production association, reflect their full immersion in the mining and chemical industry.

The construction of the calendar consists of 12 independent parts. Each part represents one layer of the earth’s crust. Leafing through the calendar, we plunge deeper and deeper into the bowels of the earth’s crust and reveal new interesting facts about the fossils found there.


Конструкция календаря состоит из 12 самостоятельных частей. Каждая часть олицетворяет собой один слой земной коры. Перелистывая календарь мы погружаемся все глубже в недра земной коры и раскрываем новые интересные факты о ископаемых там находящихся.



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